Why is it assumed that sex is not important for a woman? Why is she expected to be grateful for a man for all that he provides for her. Is that all she is entitled to? Can’t she be sexually gratified just the way a man is? God, forbid she was defamed in society for being anything other than what she is “supposed” to be. Is there no point hoping at all? She can and she will do much more.

Sex is important for a woman too, FYI.

Don’t discount her for wanting more, for dreaming of more, whether she gets it or not is a separate issue all together. If i were a guy i would be such a slut, “slut” the word society uses for women who want.

Marriage, don’t do it if you don’t have to, pack your bags and run for your life screaming.

Now that you have, oh well, deal with it. Deal with all the shit you never thought you would be dealing with in the comforts of your paradise, its a war zone.

If only we could be reckless without having to worry about Karma slapping us in the face, if only, men could love us for who we are, and not expect us to change but that’s an after thought, you must always change.


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