Dripping, derelict, wet.


Longing for that passion in the realm of her existence, that fuelled feeling of that fire burning so bright, right down to her insides, right down to where she feels it the most. The reason for her being, curled up in her dreams, in her thoughts, on her lips, on her breasts, that divine feeling on her self, pulsating and driving them both insane for the thrill of it for the fuck of it, never looking back at consequences.

Let’s be spontaneous and never tell any one, our little secret, for my salvation, just a little bit longer, pull me away from reality.

Baby, we’re both in this for a happy ending, an ending so sweet that we both can stay the same. Deep inside we will always be connected, you and i because these four walls aren’t enough to break this crazy chemistry.

Wrap me in your sheets and keep calling my name till i hit home run.


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