Motherhood- the best feeling in the world


After the combusting, polluted life in Karachi; it’s nice to step into a mountainous terrain where no body knows you and you can just be…Don’t get me wrong 5 years ago i would have been bored out of my soul. As i grow older and not wiser, i begin to value a breath of fresh air, moments of serenity coupled with amazing weather that makes it all worth the while.

I feel like i have all the time in the world to ponder questions about the human i am slowly becoming. A wife, daughter, sister, grand daughter but beyond everything else a Mother. This sense of being a mother is so fulfilling, so rewarding, it brings so much structure and routine and value to my life. This feeling is like i’m satisfied with everything, i don’t need or desire for anything, the object of my very being is satiated, it is no longer hungry, for lust, passion, acceptance. My heart is full, and that one word uttered from Danyal’s lips ‘mama’ pushes all my buttons to feel complete.


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