The Right to Choose is Empowering


Women; the raging feminist, the career maniac, the perfect housewife, the mother, the wife, the daughter, the sister and the list goes on. How many roles do we have to be successful at, to be truly empowered, and down right happy? Here’s my answer. None, being empowered isn’t a measure of how many things you can juggle at once. Being empowered is when you can choose to do what makes you happy, that’s the real empowerment, none of this ‘Girl boss’ stuff about being, well basically a hippie.

I’ve gone from dropping out of law school, to finding the perfect career and letting it go because, “I wanted too”. I waited and waited for motherhood to knock on my door and when it finally did, I chose to stay at home and be with my son, and I don’t regret it one day.

Some people say why not do both? And, that’s possible, but please don’t think my life is any easier than yours. I miss my advertising career, sure I do, but giving it up hasn’t made me any less empowered. I’m still the same person, with the same dreams and ambitions, but I just focus my energies differently.

I know I’m empowered when I go to a police station just like any other man would do and register an FIR. I know I’m empowered when I can single handedly deal with hospitals, ambulances, flipping my car and surviving. I am empowered because I still wake up and get out of bed everyday, I am empowered because I look at the world with positivity and fight off negativity. I am empowered when I can fight a disorder that has destroyed an entire generation in my family, and has no cure but, I will still do every thing you do, ‘just in flats’. I feel empowered when I know I can send kids to school, I feel empowered when I can give opportunity and give back to society.

Emily Esfahani Smith in her book the ‘Power of Meaning’ writes that, “Being a successful person isn’t about career achievement and having the most toys. It’s about being a good, wise and generous human being.”

So, how do you define success? And does that mean you’re empowered?



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